Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Next Loan to Orlando

Since the recall of Dom Dwyer and releasing Yann Songo'o from his contract, there have only been two Sporting KC players on loan with affiliate club, Orlando City. That looks set to change.  Earlier in the day, CJ Sapong posted this post on Twitter. He has since deleted the post, but assumptions can definitely be made. For those that don't know, Orlando City's nickname is the Lions, hence the perception.

Also is this announcement from Orlando about the announcement.

It's connecting dots, but with Sapong not appearing on the bench since his red card suspension against Dallas it would seem to make sense. Sapong has struggled in his third season in the league, appearing in 14 games, starting 9, but only recording a single goal and assist. A drop in production from his first two years where he scored 5 and 9 goals respectively.  One can hope that Sapong enjoys similar success to what Dwyer did in Orlando that saw him get recalled.

With the likes of Dwyer, Claudio Bieler, Kei Kamara, Teal Bunbury, Soony Saad, Jacob Peterson, and even Graham Zusi, Sporting KC should be able to survive with Sapong on loan to the Lions.

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Unknown said...

Limos are Custom Made.. who built this one and is it the same Company.. if it is they are at Fault. recall all that where made to inspect.