Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sporting Season Tickets Sold Out

Sporting Kansas City announced today that the club has sold out of season tickets for the 2013 season and created a waiting list that fans can get onto in hopes to join the list next year.  Sporting KC capped the season ticket told at 14,000 of the 18,467 capacity Sporting Park.  Since the start of last season, Kansas City has sold out 19 of 20 league home games.  According to the team release, Sporting leads the league in total number of new season ticket holders and over the last 3 years the team has averaged over 90% renewal rate, a fantastic effort.  Considering the team had under 500 season ticket holders at one time, this is an amazing turn around and just shows the huge effort that has gone into building this team up in the city (and it also shows what a winner can do).


Anonymous said...

Quick question... I apologize, I may have missed it in the writeup, but what year did the team have under 500 season ticket holders?


Mike said...

Robb mentioned it in the Reinventing the Empire discussion he had: http://www.downthebyline.com/2013/03/some-random-thoughts-on-reinventing.html