Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bravo, Besler, MLS All Stars Fall to United

For the second year in a row the MLS All Stars fell to Manchester United in the mid-season all star game. Again it wasn't much of a game as United won 4-0, bringing the aggregate score to 9-2 over the two years. But honestly in the end it was a team that had practiced with each other a grand total of two times before the game going up against a team that has been consistently playing together, many of them for years. The team with more cohesiveness will win that match up the majority of the time, especially when that team is as good as United is.

Sporting KC's two All Stars Matt Besler and Omar Bravo both made appearances. Bravo started the game and went 81 minutes for the all stars before making way for Juan Agudelo. He had a few chances, one in the second half that he likely should have put away after a rebound was given up, but he pushed the shot wide. The more annoying thing for me than the miss was the fact that Bravo played 81 minutes last night. With a game this weekend I was hoping that he'd play no more than 45 minutes in the all star game. Besler came on about 5 minutes before Bravo came out. He didn't have anything really of note, although the all stars didn't get scored on while he was on the field, so he has that going for him. Now time to get back to games that actually matter.

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