Monday, May 24, 2010

Stadium is Coming Along

It's one thing to get onto the Wizards website daily and look at the progress of the Wizards stadium via webcam. It's quite another thing to actually be out at the Legends and see the site in person. The webcam is wonderful to get your daily fix for the development of the stadium, but it's so much better to get out and actually see the site. Sunday was no different it's amazing to drive by and see just how much work has really been done at the site. You get to see from different angles and much closer than what the webcam allows. For those that didn't make it out to the game yesterday, check out the photos done by James over at yesterday before the game. He got photos from all sides of the stadium, some good shots that let you see just how much has really gotten done. Also something else to add to your weekly reading is the Wizards new weekly construction updates that they're doing now, including documentation from Turner Construction. Finally for those of you that did make it out to CAB on Sunday or don't live in KC, you missed the Wizards do a quick update on the stadium during the pregame Sunday. Check out the segment below.


Anonymous said...

The comment on that site about no onsite signage is noteworthy. All the webcams and construction updates are fantastic, but only reach the converted. The building itself, and the construction thereof, are opportunities to gain the interest of the masses.

Anonymous said...

Anon, next trip to KCC drive down village west blvd and u will c a 100 foot long banner for the KCW...kinda hard to that enough?

Anonymous said...

meant to say KCK...sorry