Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Possession, Shots, and Corner Kicks

Winning all those means absolutely nothing if you can't put the ball in the net, and that's what once again was KC's probably against DC tonight as they handed United their first win of the season thanks to a couple very poor plays in the defensive third. You read that right, DC, the team KC beat 4-0 on opening day lost to DC 2-1. Even though KC held more possession, had more shots and had 10 more corners than DC, the Wizards once again made a rookie goalkeeper look all league in him MLS debut.

KC made 3 changes to the team that started against Houston as Chance Myers and Jimmy Conrad came on for Kei Kamara and Matt Besler and Santiago Hirsig came on for the suspended Davy Arnaud. While KC held possession early, it was Danny Allsopp who grabbed the early lead as he pushed Pablo Escobar aside and as Conrad backed off, Allsopp took the space into the box, made a move around Conrad and has Conrad slid to recover, Allsopp shot. The shot deflected off Conrad and past Jimmy Nielsen into the net to give DC their first home goal and their first lead of the season. Myers has the Wizards best early chance after being played in by Ryan Smith, but Bill Hamid made himself big in goal. Myers overall struggled with poor touches and passes in the first half, not really showing much into why he should have been starting. Roger Espinoza seemed to get forward more than he has in previous games and really tested Hamid with a long shot that was well saved. Shortly after that shot though, KC found themselves down 2-0. Escobar played a poor hospital ball to Stephane Auvray that Adam Cristman stepped in and stole. Cristman played in Allsopp who beat Nielsen and made it 2-0. Allsopp could have had a hattrick in the 40th, but Nielsen made a nice save to deny the Australian. KC had one more good chance in first half stoppage time as Jack Jewsbury had a shot well saved by Hamid after a long ball by Jimmy Conrad was headed on by Hirsig.

KC made one change at half time, pulling Hirsig and bringing on Kamara. Only 5 minutes into the second half, KC made another sub, pulling off the ineffective Myers for Teal Bunbury. Kamara once on made an immediate impact, forcing a quick save by Hamid and hitting side netting all in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Kamara also should have been the one responsible for putting the Wizards up a man in the 58th, but Christian Castillo only saw yellow for a poor tackle on the Sierra Leone forward after he worked a give and go with Bunbury. The Wizards continued to control possession as DC sat back a bit to defend their league. Still a free kick by Castillo ended up hitting the post, almost putting DC up a third goal. KC finally broke through in second half stoppage time when Wolff found Kamara with a ball from the left that Kamara got a leg to to break up the shutout late on. But it wasn't enough and KC goes their 4 straight game without a win after starting 2-0.

Wizards Man of the Match - Roger Espinoza - Espinoza was extremely solid tonight, he's taken very well to the left back position. Tonight he got forward very well, much more so than he has in the past few games and he looked good doing it. He also did well with his defensive responsibilities tonight, even though others did not.

Player Ratings - Nielsen 5, Espinoza 6, Escobar 3, Conrad 4, Harrington 5, Hirsig 5, Auvray 4, Jewsbury 5, Myers 2, Wolff 3, Smith 3. Subs Kamara 5, Bunbury 4, Rocastle 4.


Reepicheep said...

Good call on Espinoza. He's found his nitch.

1. Wolff needs to sit. Had two nice passes, but otherwise too slow and ineffective to help us.

2. Start Myers over Kamara? Are you serious. Myers is looking like a draft bust to me:

3. I saw a little something in Rocastle vs the Rapids in the US Open Cup match...otherwise nothing.

4. I know Hirsig was on the field, but did he play?

5. Pablo, Pablo, what where you thinking?

6. We need some previous version of Jimmy Conrad to return SOON.

7. Smith needs to take on guys like he did the first couple of games. He looks lazy right now.

8. Was Morsink as big a jerk when he played for us? He just looks like he needs to be slapped.

9. Harrington needs to look up.

10. We just lost to 0-5, Onalfo led, DC United. I'm concerned.

Otherwise it was a great game.

Anonymous said...

Escobar/Besler in centerback= 0-3 v Houston.
Escobar/Conrad in CB= 1-2 v DC.

Conrad/Besler= 0-0 v LA

Besler and Conrad need to start in the center-back position together again, now that Captain Jim is back. Escobar might have an upside, but hes been a little sloppy the last few outings.

Mike said...

Anon, Escobar and Besler got the shut out verse LA. Conrad was out that game.

MOUFWASH said...

least we scored

We really missed Davy

Ron Bishop said...

I think you rated Escobar too highly..

Nathan Martin said...

The good: A goal, Kamara, Espinoza, Bunbury, Jewsbury, Auvary, Nielsen.

The bad:
For all of Ryan Smith's talent, we saw some major weaknesses exposed. He doesn't just favor his left foot he acts as if he only has a left foot. And he needs to work on his shots which were finesse and inaccurate.

Harrington's crosses have been very poor: he is more comfortable with his left.

Wolff made some decent movements but his speed is just not adequate to get behind anybody nowadays.

Hirsig flailed too much. A healthy Zusi is more comparable to filling the role that Davy plays.

Besler may have been burnt by Oduro's speed but he is much savvier than Escobar.