Saturday, May 01, 2010

Man U Coming?

That's the word from Robb Heineman only minutes ago on Twitter. He'd recently asked Wizards fans on Bigsoccer about what international games fans would want to see in KC, but even I wouldn't have thought Manchester United would come here. United will already be in the US this summer for a tour that should include a game against the MLS All Stars in Houston. This is huge news for the Wizards and KC, for years KC soccer fans have seen our city skipped by for the big friendlies. We've seen other MLS teams get the games against the Real Madrid's, the Chelsea's and the other teams that come over. Now the Wizards get their chance in a big friendly.

And on a personal note, while I'm a United fan as well, I'll be decked out in my blue cheering on the Wizards when they play United. For those Season Ticket Holders out there, the jokes about this potential game started when you got your season tickets and special game B had a team wearing uniforms that looked a lot like Manchester United's.

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Anonymous said...

I actually wondered about this. Much like last year when soccer helped open Cowboys Stadium, I wondered if the Wizards would team with Clark Hunt to bring Man U to the new Arrowhead. It makes sense for the World Cup process to show off Arrowhead with a big time club. I'll be there!!!!!!!!!