Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vermes Interview

Thad over at The Back Post recently had a phone interview with the Wizards Technical Director, Peter Vermes. He had to divide the interview into three posts, but you can see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 on his blog. Part 1 deals mainly with new players. The team is looking at a couple players, and 1-2 may join the team for training down in Florida. Vermes confirmed that the team looked at Carlo Costly, but he wasn't someone they were trying to sign. Overall Vermes is happy with the team currently, and as he mentioned to me at the draft, the team is strong, and they are looking to fill a few holes and add depth.

Part 2 deals with the rookies and exhibitions. Vermes mentions that the team has already released 3rd round draft pick, Neal Kitson. Fourth round pick Akeem Priestley is trying his luck abroad first. Matt Besler and Doug DeMartin are already in camp, while Graham Zusi will join the team in Florida. He also mentions that they are currently working on their game schedule for the trip to Mexico, and there may be one preseason game in town as well.

Part 3 has to do with the new coaches, Kerry Zavagnin and John Pascarella, who played with Coach Onalfo when they were with LA, and he played with Vermes in their youth. Also, in Part 3, as Vermes says, "Nothing in the fire for a jersey sponsor".

Check out the interviews.

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