Friday, January 09, 2009

And with the 8th Pick

Coming up next week is the MLS Draft, which will take place this year in St. Louis, MO. The Wizards have the 8th pick in draft after being the lowest ranked team to be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. With that pick, there are plenty of ways the Wizards will be able to go with that pick, if they choose to keep it.

Of the mock drafts I've read pre-MLS Combine (which is this weekend), people seem to think the Wizards will be taking a midfielder in the first round, with favorites being Michael Stephens (who isn't listed on the Generation Adidas list so is unlikely to be him) and Baggio Husidic. I don't know if the midfield is such a huge need, especially after the late season move of Davy Arnaud to attacking midfield. The greater need in my opinion is up top, where the Wizards finished 12th in MLS in scoring with only 37 goals. That will have to improve greatly for the Wizards to compete in 2009. I'd like to see the Wizards grab a forward, although it will depend on who is available at the time, as GA Steve Zakuani is projected right now to be the number 1 pick, and Peri Marosevic is the only other GA forward. The other option is that the Wizards could trade away that pick for a proven MLS player. And the latest rumblings from Ives is that the Wizards are actually looking to trade up, with one target being Sam Cronin of Wake Forest.

Personally if we're looking for a midfielder, I'd rather go after another player listed in Ives post, Dax McCarty of FC Dallas. He'd help out in the midfield, which is where people think we need help and would be a proven MLS player. If we're not going for a forward, I'd certainly like to see that trade.


Reepicheep said...

I think Arnaud did very well at attacking Mid, but it's a long season. We need 1-2 legitimate mid's most. Lopez and Wolff can work up top if the midfield is stronger.

I do agree, however, going for midfield help in the draft won't work for this next season. We should go for a reasonably proven MLS player instead.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps saying we need midfield or forward help. So, tell me, who's going to help Jimmy play defense. Sorry, but we need a central defender. We need to either pick up a young one that can develop quickly or trade picks to get someone proven. I think it showed that we no longer had Nick Garcia helping Jimmy. Conrad can't do it all. Beyond central defender, how about a goalkeeper?

Anonymous said...

Who's going to play next to Jimmy? How about Hohlbein? Hohlbein can develop into that defender. I don't think any defender we pick up in that spot will be able to 100% supplant him as the starter. Plus the draft is actually deep in defenders from what I've seen. How did it really show even? The team was tied for the league lead in shutouts this past year.

As for a goalkeeper? In the first round? Frei is the only one worthy of a first round pick, and we have more important needs than a goalkeeper in the first round. Plus I think Kronberg can definitely be our starter.

And besides, as Mike said, we were 12th out of 14 teams in scoring this past year,TWELFTH! Offense has to be the first need.