Monday, January 05, 2009

Venue Capacity

The Wizards may have finished at the bottom on MLS in attendance this past year, but they finished atop all sports when it comes to venue capacity. The Sports Business Journal (subscription only to read the article unfortunately) has complied the attendance for all the teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS and compared them to the size of the stadiums they play in. The Wizards topped that list with 106.9% capacity for each home game. Of course the Journal does not take into account the fact that the Wizards played one game at Arrowhead, which bumped their average attendance over the 10,385 capacity that CAB has for soccer. Still an interesting stat for you. Here's the full list of teams that had a capacity average of 100%, thanks to a poster on bigsoccer.

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Anonymous said...

That is crap, since half the time the reported numbers were not even close to actual people in attendance. They are numbers I guess and can be tweaked. Good find though.