Friday, April 06, 2007

Wizards vs Sounders

Tomorrow the Wizards play their final preseason game of the season. While the rest of the MLS teams get their season underway, the Wizards have the first weekend off due to the league now having 13 teams. So the Wizards will be playing a friendly match at Blue Valley District Athletic Complex against USL-1 side, the Seattle Sounders. The reserve team will also be playing, taking on the University of Evansville.

There are a few things that I will be looking forward to seeing for myself at the match tomorrow.
  1. I wanna see how Hartman plays. I keep hearing that he's lost a step from his days when he was LA's number 1. Even if he has lost a step, he still has to be better then Bo'd been the last two seasons, right?
  2. Jack Jewsbury at right back. Last seasons right back by committee looked successful at times, and terrible at times, Matt Groenwald, Lance Watson, Ryan Raybould and Alex Zotinca are just 4 of the players who saw time there last season. Let's hope Jack is a more constant starter. Will be interesting to see how he's adjusted.
  3. Michael Harrington. The Wizards first round pick I had thought was brought in to play the right back spot, but he's apparently looking like he'll be the Wizards starting left midfielder. Personally this sounds like a good move, you put him and Jose on the same side, and while both like to attack, they're combined defensive ability may make that side look a little less exposed when one goes into the attack.
  4. Eddie Johnson. This is a big season for Eddie, he's gonna be given yet another chance to prove that his 12 goal season in 2004 was not a fluke. Is this is last shot? Possibly, but he definitly needs to step up his play. While his performance with the national team has improved lately, he still hasn't found the net in a LONG time. Hopefully Onalfo has gotten into his head and is helping him to get out of the funk he's in.
I'd like to say that I wanna see more of Carlos Marinelli, he hasn't signed a contract, although he continues to work with the team, and was at the team function tonight. So odds are against him playing. Although tonight apparently Coach Onalfo said that they are looking to work him into the midfield the first few games of the season.

Overall though I look forward to the game and will have a report up tomorrow night with my thoughts on the game.

As for a prediction, I figure the first game will go 3-1 to KC. And the reserves will beat the Aces 4-1.

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