Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marinelli and Bannister Mall

If you look on the Wizards website tonight, you will see that the Wizards are gonna finally announce the signing of their newest player, Carlos Marinelli. The new Wizards player got 45 minutes in the reserve game against Evansville last Saturday night and looked very good at times. The only thing that looks to be lacking right now is some match fitness as he had his hands on his knees during the game against Evansville, trying to catch his breath. If he plays this weekend, I would assume it would be as a late game sub.

In other news, it looks like things are moving forward in the Wizards stadium discussion, particularly the possible Bannister Mall site. According to this article on, the Wizards have hired a developer to look into the development of the area. Lane4 Property Group is the group that will look into the redevelopment of the area. According to the article, the area used in the redevelopment would be the mall, the Benjamin Plaza shopping area, as well as the Benjamin Ranch property. The new complex would include "400,000- to 500,000-square feet of retail space, up to 800,000-square feet of office space and residential development. An amateur soccer complex with 12 fields also is envisioned."

Looks like though if this site was going to be used, construction would not begin until the summer of 08, meaning that a likely opening wouldn't happen until late 2009 but more likely 2010. It'll be worth the wait if it insures the Wizards stay in KC for good. All this is still not a permanent signing of a deal to be at the Bannister location though, as Olathe is still working to secure STAR Bonds for the building of a facility for the Wizards.

Finally, everyone in KC should tune in to 97.3 FM on Wednesdays, as Jimmy Conrad is now hosting the Jimmy Conrad Show from the 810 Zone on the Plaza, tonight he had Bobby Boswell and Davy Arnaud on as guests, it was a good show and I look forward to it being continued in the future.

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