Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wizards to trade DP slot........ to Chivas?

This is like 4th hand news by now, but I wanted to post this. According to a poster on bigsoccer, on ESPN Deportes yesterday, Chivas is in negoiations with the Wizards to get the Wizards designated player (DP, Beckham rule) slot.

This move makes no sense to me from the Wizards perspective. Wizards coach Curt Onalfo looks to be wanting to get more out of Johnson, and if he does, then next season the Wizards are gonna need their DP slot for Johnson, as the grandfathering period for players like Johnson, Donovan, and Adu end.

But for a minute let's forget that and take a look at Chivas' roster and see who in the world they could trade to KC to get the DP slot. The first name that sticks out on the list, is Jonathan Bornstein. Last years rookie of the year, started the year by getting his first 2 caps with the US National Team. A move for him is unlikely mainly due to the fact that the Wizards already have Jose Burciaga Jr, who the coaches still seem to be high on, as well as Michael Harrington, the Wizards first round draft pick this year, who can also play left back. It doesn't make sense to bring in another player that can play left back, no matter what people think of Jose's play.

Continuing down the roster, is Amado Guevara, this is an unlikely move, as Chivas traded their DP slot to New York to get Guevara this season. Plus with the signing of Marinelli I doub tthe Wizards would want to bring in another attacking midfielder.

Brad Guzan, another player with a bright future, he's unlikely to move, as the Wizards have already brought in a new goalkeeper this season in the form of Kevin Hartman, bringing in another starting caliber goalkeeper would not make sense for the Wizards.

Sacha Kljestan, is probably not worth a DP slot alone. Add that with the fact that, like Guevara, he plays the same general position as Marinelli makes a move for him unlikely.

Finally there's Ante Razov. I just don't see this as a move that would make sense for the Wizards. As I mentioned earlier, the coaching staff seems to feel that Johnson will come around this season. Add in last seasons leading scorer, Scott Sealy, who is looking to become a full time starter now, it doesn't make sense to bring in a forward like Razov. The rest of Chivas' roster doesn't strike me as anyone worthy of a DP, and a few of the players I've listed above aren't even worth a DP slot, but we'll see what comes of this one.

If anyone can think of any kind of deal with Chivas for our DP that makes sense, feel free to post it.

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