Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kansas City and Atlas

Remember when I mentioned the note Robb Heineman posted on bigsoccer? And how they were looking to create a partnership with a team "south of the boarder? Well that came true this weekend, as the Wizards announced a partnership with Mexican club Atlas. According to the article, the deal was suppose to be announced in Guadalajara yesterday.

This is a fantastic move by the Wizards in my opinion. It creates a partnership with a recognizable Mexican league team. Along with the partnership is news of other things with the deal. Along with the regular "use of facilities" deal that you usually see with deals like this, Kansas City and Atlas will also participate in a home-home friendly series. This will give KC it's first friendly game at Arrowhead since 1997. While the crowd for this game is likely to be pro-Atlas, it will still be a great experience, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the match, hopefully some time this summer. The other thing that is part of the deal, is loaning of players to and from the clubs. It will be interesting to see how this works, but the interest in the player loaning will be something that will draw interest to many Wizards fans, as we wait and see who would come our way to help our team.

A good point brought up by MLS Underground, is the increased venom this could add to games against Chivas USA, as Atlas is based in Guadalajara, same city that USA's parent club, Chivas de Guadalajara. We'll see how that affects the coming match ups with them this season, if at all.

Another thing that is discussed in the blog that I agree with is the importance that Atlas seems to be putting on this deal, having Wizards staff down for the ceremonial signing of this agreement instead of just having it announced in KC says to me that Atlas is taking this partnership serious as well.

Finally, in the final part of that blog post by MLS Underground, is some "exclusive" information. According to MLS Underground, the Wizards are close to that "big signing" that myself and many others have been talking about, waiting on since about December. The blog mentions 3 areas where the interest seems to be, right back, forward, or attacking midfielder. The entry seems to be leaning towards the 3rd, the attacking midfield position. This is music to Wizards fans ears, as the team has lacked a real attacking minded midfielder since the retirement of Preki. I'm waiting anxiously, as I'm sure many other Wizards fans are for this hopeful announcement to come.

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