Monday, February 01, 2016

Nemeth Says His Good-Byes and Shares Some of His Side

Krisztian Nemeth said his goodbyes to the fans of Sporting KC and the club in a post on his Facebook page today. In it he thanked the players, fans, and the staff of Sporting KC for bringing him to the club. At the same time he used the post to tell at least a portion of his side of the story that saw him depart from Kansas City after just a single season.

Nemeth says that while he'll make a lot more money this year than he did last year money was not the main reason for his departure and that "the background of this transfer is much more complicated than you think first." He explains how Al-Gharafa was the only way to get out of what he called a very strange situation.

He explains how at the end of last season he and the team staff were thinking differently about his performance and his future. Nemeth says he was willing to stay for one-third of his future salary at Al-Gharafa, which Nemeth says wouldn't have put him among the best paid players on the team; he says there was no chance of that happening.

Certainly gracious to a point in his goodbye Nemeth brings up plenty more questions about his departure from Kansas City. A pay raise was a part of the process certainly for the Hungarian, but there are other things to read into the statement as well. At times it reads like Nemeth was wanting more time as a straight striker instead of on the wing where he spent the entirety of the 2015 season.

His potential trip to France and the Euros also has to be considered a major point in the discussion between the player and the club. Based off Nemeth's comments and those by the national team coach of Hungary, it seems that the Hungarian team will be getting together to prepare for the Euros before FIFA's mandatory release date for players. With Sporting KC still playing league games until early June KC was likely not willing to let one of their star players leave earlier than FIFA required them to release them. This certainly wouldn't have sat well with Nemeth, who worked his way back into the national team picture while with Sporting KC, and scored two goals in Hungary's last Euro qualifier against Greece. So with his place likely not 100% secured he likely wanted to work to make sure he could secure it by being in camp with the team instead of being with Sporting. Playing in Qatar, whose season ends in April, will allow him to be in camp more with Hungary.

As for his salary, that was probably also related a bit to the Euros. Many people (myself included) didn't expect Nemeth to finish the 2016 season with KC anyway. I expected that Nemeth was going to be sold this year; I just expected it this summer after the European Championships. With that in mind it wouldn't surprise me if KC thought this as well and didn't want to tie themselves down with a heavy contract for a player that they would only have for two months or so before leaving to join his national team and then potentially never returning to play for the club again.

In the end it's good to get the other side of the story from Nemeth and the exact truth likely lies somewhere between the two stories and it's unfortunately the business of the game at times.

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