Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MASL Issues Statement on End of Comets-Rampage Game

The MASL have come out with a statement regarding the end of the Missouri Comets vs Cedar Rapids Rampage game from last Friday, November 6th. After being tied at 8-8 at the end of regulation, the two teams went to overtime. The period started with 15 minutes on the clock, which is counter to the league's rules, which state that 10 minutes should have been put on the clock. The Comets winner was scored 11 minutes, 37 seconds into overtime, over a minute and a half after the overtime should have ended.

MASL's statement said that the league has suspended and reprimanded the officials in charge of the game, Ron Cory, Aaron Rench, and Chad Huhman. Cedar Rapids had filed a protest of the result shortly after the game had ended, but the league's Rules Committee ruled that no advantage was earned by either team during overtime, meaning that both teams were told by officials, and saw on the scoreboard that 15 minutes would be played, and therefore the result would stand.Cedar Rapids has appealed the ruling.

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