Thursday, April 09, 2015

#TBT - The Worst Signings in KC History

After this past weekend's lost to Kansas City, combined with a number of other issues since his signing, Philadelphia benched goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi, and his future with the club is now in question. This has led me to think about Sporting's signings throughout their history, and what player has been the worst signing in the team's history. So for this week's throw back Thursday I'm taking a look at some of the worst signings in my opinion in KC history.

First to clear up, I'm going to look at signings, not necessarily draft picks or end of roster signings, guys like Victor Munoz or Scott Lorenz who were signed and didn't do a whole lot for the club may not have been great signings, but they're not horrible signings because they weren't expected to be that much of a contributor either. I also debated it and I'm not going to include trades in this, horrible trades may be something I look at later, so the trade that brought Jeff Baicher here in early 2000 only for him to retire saying KC were 10 years away from winning MLS Cup will not be included. I'm going to focus on guys that were signed to the league for the first time or signed as returning players to the league.

So here are a few of the signings.

Jermaine Hue - Signed late in the 2005 season, Hue was expected to give Kansas City some attacking help in the midfield. In his time in Kansas City though Hue barely got himself onto the field. Over parts of two seasons Hue played in just five games, starting just two. In those two starts he didn't play more than 45 minutes in either of them. Hue was waived in the middle of the 2006 season to make room on the roster for the impending signing of Dave van den Bergh.

Jeferson - The team's third designated player, signed on loan in the middle of the 2011 season, the team's first as Sporting KC. Jeferson was brought in to play the team's attacking midfield position and be the playmaker that KC fans had been wanting since Preki. The problem is that KC already had that playmaker emerging that season in Graham Zusi. His time started well for KC as he picked up an assist in his first appearance for KC as they topped Toronto 4-2. The assist was the only point that he picked up for Kansas City in nine league games and 11 across all competitions. Jeferson lost his spot to Zusi and ended up playing in just three of KC's final seven games, including the playoffs, starting just one of those games.

While Jeferson's loan status saves him a little bit, the fact that he took up a designated player spot definitely finds him on this list.

Vuk Rasovic - The former Serbian international was signed by Kansas City early in the 2004 season after impressing in the team's preseason. The then 31 year old defender was a bit of a surprise signing though as the Wizards defense at the time was quite solid with a back line of Alex Zotinca, Shavar Thomas, Jimmy Conrad, and Nick Garcia making up the back four. And with the likes of Diego Gutierrez and Jose Burciaga in reserve to play defense it seemed like the move didn't make sense.

Rasovic played just one game for Kansas City, starting a home game against Dallas. Rasovic looked slow and off the pace of the game. He was pulled at half time in favor of Thomas and never saw the field again for Kansas City.

Antti Sumiala - Like Hue, Sumiala was signed late in the 2005 season to help Kansas City's push for the playoffs. Sumiala also had a minimal effect, playing just two games for Kansas City, the clubs final two of the 2005 season. He started both games and did end up getting an assist on Josh Wolff's opener as the Wizards blew 2-0 lead at home and ended up drawing 2-2 with New England. He also started KC's season finale against Dallas before being pulled at half time with the game tied and Kansas City needing a win to make the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Baicher's Wikipedia page says was upset he was traded since he spent his a lot of his career in the bay area and his wife was established in Silicon Valley. Sounds like was the main reason. Note solely that he perceived the Wiz to be terrible.

Also, what is your assesment of Carlos Marinelli's time?

Mike said...

I never said it was only because of KC's horrible 1999 season, it was the part that related to KC that I wanted to share mainly.

Marinelli's time wasn't great, but it was better than the time spent by the guys I mentioned, Marinelli at least occasionally contributed an assist.

Anonymous said...

Great work with the Baicher reference. Totally forgot that. Though I'd call it one of our best trades ever considering we picked up Zavagnin in the deal.