Monday, January 27, 2014

Sporting KC Player News

Some player news regarding Sporting KC from today and this weekend.

Update on Palmer-Brown and Juventus

Sporting KC has said that they have no comment on the rumors of Erik Palmer-Brown going to Juventus but that hasn't stopped the Italian press from continuing to talk about the move.

The newer information from Italy follows much of the same information that came out originally. The deal according to the Italian media will be finalized after the current transfer window. Palmer-Brown will apparently stay with KC until he turns 18, at which time he will head to Juventus. This is mainly because of contract rules in Europe that are designed to protect players under 18. Players under 18 cannot move to a club in Europe unless they have an EU passport. The only other way a player could get to a club in Europe without an EU passport is if the player's parents get a job in Europe. But obviously that would be looked at more carefully if Palmer-Brown's parents magically got a job in Turin. So unless Palmer-Brown has an EU passport that hasn't been mentioned, he likely can't move to Europe yet.

The Italian media was also saying that the transfer fee was $250,000 but could increase depending on Palmer-Brown's playing time for Kansas City.

Myers Status

The status of Chance Myers is still up in the air. Sporting KC's right back is currently out of contract. Sporting KC have made him what they believe to be a good offer and the ball is in his court now. At this point though, it does not appear that Myers will be coming back.

According to the above Tweets, Myers is looking for more money than what Kansas City has offered. According to the Players' Union salary release, Myers was on a base salary of $105,000 last year. My guess for what Sporting offered is that it was somewhere in the $150,000 range. That would put him just above former teammate, Michael Harrington, who made $140,000 according to the union.

Part of me is wondering if Myers is trying to get himself closer to the $200,000 mark. The likes of Richard Eckersley, Sean Franklin, and Heath Pearce are all making over $200,000 according to the Union. Eckersley and Pearce both made over $300,000. If that is true, I'd say that you let Myers walk, you don't want to lock that much up in one of your wingbacks. (Notice that Franklin and Pearce was left available in the re-entry draft and Eckersley was just traded by Toronto.)

Medrandra Still to Return?

Colombian midfielder, Jimmy Medranda hasn't been part of Sporting KC's preseason so far this season. From reports in Colombia, Medranda has been playing for his club, Deportivo Pereira in their preseason games ahead of their season. The assumption was that since Medranda was playing with his Colombian club, he was unlikely to be returning to KC.

Back on Saturday though, this was posted by a journalist in Colombia:

Basically is says that Medranda wants to return to the US and would likely not be on Pereira's roster/payroll come Tuesday when it'll be announced. Medranda, the 6th youngest player to appear in a league game for KC could bring even more competition for spots in preseason. He'd compete with draft picks, Alex Martinez and Reinaldo Brenes for a spot on the roster.

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