Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Wizards vs Fiji???

I was bored today and started searching around the internet, and came across this article from The Fiji Times a few days ago.

Apparently Fiji's national team is gonna be coming to the US in April in preparation for the South Pacific Games. They're gonna play 8 games on their tour and apparently are waiting for confirmation of their match against the Kansas City Wizards. The article also mentions Real Salt Lake and Santa Clara as being a couple of other teams that they will be playing.

This is an interesting idea. Fiji's first game in the US on this tour is scheduled for April 4 against Santa Clara.

After looking around The Fiji Times a bit more tonight, I found another article about the trip to the US. This article while stating that some of Fiji's players may not be available also gives the date of their match with Real Salt Lake, and the tentative date of their match with the Wizards, April 17, which is a Tuesday. That match with the Wizards though has yet to be confirmed as of the posting of that story earlier today(tomorrow, the 7th in Fiji).

One interesting thing about this though, is that the date of the possible friendly against Fiji is also the day before the Wizards play RSL in their US Open Cup qualifing match, which will likely lead to a very reserve based squad going out against Fiji if the friendly happens.

Another interesting note from that second article is that Fiji is apparently going to be scouting for national team players in their final two games. One of the matches looks to be against a group of Fiji All Stars. An interesting idea, but a concept that has been done by quite a few national teams. For instance I remember that Pat Noonan was elligable to play for the Irish national team.

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