Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wizards in Preason

These are some numbers that I've been able to find on the Kansas City Wizards current preseason friendlies.

4W - 3L - 3D

Goal Scorers
Scott Sealy - 3
Momadu Ba - 2
Jack Jewsbury - 2
YuraMovsisyan - 1
Willy Guadarrama - 1
Ryan Raybould - 1
Jimmy Conrad - 1
Eddie Johnson - 1
Ryan Pore - 1
Lance Watson - 1
own goal - 1

Kevin Hartman - 2 split game shutouts
Eric Kronberg - 3 split game shutouts
Chris Konopka - 1 split game shutout, and 1 solo

4 of the 10 games have been shutouts and have allowed 10 goals in those games while scoring 15 goals. One of the goal scorers, Momadu Ba, who scored twice against the U-17's in a split squad match is no longer listed on the roster. Also, according to this press release fromt he Wizards in late Feb., the Wizards listed their matches for the trip to Argentina. According to it, the Wizards were suppose to have played a friendly on Friday down there, but I have yet to see anything about that match anywhere. The also should be playing the final match of the Argentina trip on Wednesday before heading back to KC.

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