Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Groin Staying

As mentioned in my last blog entry, Lillestrøm has given up on trying to land Wizards favorite Jimmy Conrad. That news alone was great to hear for any Wizards fan, but now days later, comes this great news as well.

Obviously, MLS listened to me in my last entry, and the league is looking to lock Jimmy up for the rest of his playing career.

Overall, this is probably the best move for Jimmy, while he likely coulda made more money playing soccer in Norway, it also had it's draw backs as well. Jimmy mentioned in an interview a while back in Rochester that often times, US players in the Scandanavian leagues often get overlooked when it comes time for national team camps. And as Jimmy has shown lately, he's definitly gonna continue to be a big part of the national team leading upto and into the next qualifying cycle for the 2010 World Cup.

Another draw back is the fact that Jimmy is not getting any younger, he just turned 30 years old, and his playing days aren't gonna last forever. With that in mind, Jimmy's likely also looking towards his career after soccer. He's already shown his humor in his articles on CNNSI and now ESPN, and he's done well in webcasts with Sean Wheelock. He seems to have a want, and the skill to continue to do that after his playing days are done. Staying in MLS gives him a great opportunity to get a jump on that while he's still playing.

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