Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stadium news for KC

Good news for the Wizards lately on the stadium from, as Olathe seems to be stepping up to try and get a stadium built for the Wizards. The KC Star on Wednesday, posted this article about the current process that Olathe is going through. Olathe officials basically had to get state lawmakers to alter the law for STAR Bonds to get a stadium and soccer hall of fame. Later in the same day, the Star posted this article as well. As a continuation from the first story, it discusses the fact that the Senate agreed with Olathe "that sales tax revenue could be used to pay for a professional soccer stadium there." This is fantastic news for the Wizards, as there had not been much news about a new location for a Soccer Specific Stadium since the failure of the youth soccer bill for 159th and 69 Highway back in November and the subsequent pulling of support by the Overland Park mayor of the STAR Bonds that were to be used for a stadium and commerce area.

Another exciting part of the first article, is the fact that we could a competition starting to get the Wizards. Along with Olathe working to get STAR Bonds changed so that they can work to get the team there, the article also mentions a location that had been mentioned in an earlier Down the Byline entry. Bannister Mall is apparently a very viable location for the Wizards to build their stadium. With Wal-Mart closing their supercenter in that area, the area is almost entirely empty of major businesses to hold down that 300 acre commercial area. The fact that there is more then 1 location being looked at as a site for the stadium means that people are starting to look more seriously at the effect of soccer on the community.


The Wizards have confirmed the news that was first posted on bigsoccer, then here in this blog. That news being that Alex Zotinca is no longer with the Wizards. In this press release, the Wizards confirmed that Zotinca is out, he was traded to Chivas USA where he's reunited with Preki. The Wizards in return get a conditional pick in next years SuperDraft. While Zotinca was decent for the Wizards, he was never more then a utility player on the right side of the field in the midfield and the back. But with the drafting of Michael Harrington and Jack Jewsbury apparently getting more time at right back, Zotinca had become expendable.

Some very good news for the Wizards back line, Jimmy Conrad is going to be staying with the team. Lillestrøm have apparently given up in their bid to land the KC and US center back. I hope the Wizards and the league lock him up for the rest of his career then give him a nice cushy job writing articles for MLSnet and doing commentary on MLS games.

Kansas City finally picked up their first preseason win this week against the Fire, 3-0. Although apparently a guy that was at the game said the score was 4-0. The updates from down at camp keep coming in as well, check out KC for all those entries, as I said before, good reads.

Some new info I just found out today, thanks to JoeW on bigsoccer. According to Steven Goff with the Washington Post, the Wizards are apparently interested in Luciano De Bruno of Hapoel Tel Aviv. De Bruno is a 28 year old Argentine attacking midfielder, here is a wikipedia entry on him, although it appears to be written by someone who is not a fan. There's some rather harsh language in it about him, so you have been warned. We were told that the team was looking at an Argentinian, but I'd thought it have been a player currently playing in Argentina.

De Bruno was also involved in a recent altercation with Rangers keeper Allan McGregor in the second leg of their UEFA Cup match recently.

One last thing I wanted to post, this is the transcript of a question Steve Nash was asked recently on PTI, this is a great endorsment for the league, thanks to D at DCenters for posting it.

KORNHEISER: ...Do you seriously think that David Beckham is going to make an impact in soccer in the United States?

NASH: He will make an impact because he's a huge star regardless of the sport, and he'll put soccer in every magazine and every newspaper and TV Show. You guys will be dying to have him on PTI. He'll make an impact because a lot of people will be exposed to the sport. But I really think this sport is on its way in this country regardless. I think the talent is growing, I think they've always had the grassroots, and the professional league is building soccer-only stadiums. There's a lot of money going into it, so I think soccer is here to stay. It may never be as big as the big four, but it's definitely growing, and maybe it'll be the fifth sport. Obviously, I'm a fan and a bit biased, but I think it's really on its way.

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