Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sporting Pass on Dispersal Draft

With the third pick in today's Dispersal Draft for the players on Chivas USA's roster, there were plenty of assumptions that Sporting Kansas City would use the pick to take someone from the club. Instead, when the time came, Sporting did what 11 other clubs did, and pass.
Only seven players were taken in the entire draft, with the highlight being Dan Kennedy who went first to FC Dallas. NYCFC took Matthew Dunn second before Kansas City passed. DC took Thomas McNamara fourth, Donny Toia went to Montreal in the sixth spot, Colorado grabbed Caleb Calvert at 8th, San Jose got Kristopher Tyrpak at 9th. Toronto grabbed Marco Delgado at the 14th pick as the last player taken.
The rest of Chivas' roster, including the likes of Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Bobby Burling, and Nathan Sturgis will all head into other drafts, including the waiver draft and re-entry draft. Those drafts could still see those players end up on Kansas City or other teams. Those routes also allow Kansas City to not have to protect them in the expansion draft, and also allows them to potentially negotiate better contracts for the club.

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