Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quito Interested in Re-Acquiring Bieler?

Sporting KC designated player, Claudio Bieler has seen his minutes this season split between himself and Dom Dwyer. The two have alternated starts for the first seven games of Sporting's season. The split time as well as his lack of playing time in the second half of the 2013 season has led to plenty of speculation on Bieler's exit from KC, with former club, LDU Quito being the location that comes up regularly in discussions.

Those discussions picked up again this past week in the Ecuadorian media. In an interview, the club's president, Esteban Paz discussed the possibility of bringing back the Argentine who is a hero for the club. The story though seems to be one that the media there is building up, as Paz said that the possibility of Bieler returning is "remote." The reason for that Paz says has to do with Bieler's current wages. He would have to take a pay cut to return and Quito would likely need to get rid of some players to accommodate him.

Paz did mention that Sporting still owes the club money for when they purchased Bieler's contract from the club. Stating that they have opened discussions with MLS. The assumption here isn't that KC hasn't paid the transfer fee, if they hadn't, you would expect FIFA to be involved in the lack of payment. This situation more appears to be a situation where Sporting is staggering the fee out over a longer period of time than just paying it all up front.

An article yesterday indicated that Bieler would have to take a 50% pay cut from his current salary with Sporting KC if he wanted to return. The original article mentions that Bieler has had an argument with Peter Vermes and that could be seen as a reason for him wanting to leave KC.

But as I stated earlier, this whole thing seems to be a creation by the media in Ecuador as it was not something that was directly brought up by Paz, it was instead asked by media.

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