Monday, March 02, 2015

Sporting are Offering van der Vaart How Much?

Germany media has really picked up on the Rafael van der Vaart to Sporting KC rumors. After Robb Heineman and Mike Illig were at Saturday's Bundesliga match between Frankfurt and van der Vaart's Hamburg, the rumors really picked up with German site Bild jumping all over it.

Now the German tabloid is reporting the price tag that Kansas City is offering the Dutch international. The report is that Sporting would pay van der Vaart $4.8 million per year to play for Kansas City. The entire Sporting KC team last year earned $4.1 million according to the players union. The price alone really jumps out, because it's not something that you would expect Sporting to do. Not that Sporting couldn't afford the salary that's being suggested, it just seems out of character.

Signing van der Vaart for that price would certainly be the largest price paid for a DP that Kansas City has ever paid. But is it too much? Questions about van der Vaart's health and fitness are two things that cause pause for KC fans who know about Peter Vermes and his "Sporting fit" playing style. Would van der Vaart fit in with that style? And if he doesn't, how soon before Vermes puts him on the bench? Another question is van der Vaart's defensive responsibilities, which he isn't exactly known for.

Similar to the Marcel de Jong signing, I feel there are other areas that KC would be better served upgrading than getting a 32 year old attacking midfielder. Van der Vaart would be unlikely to arrive until the summer when he contract with Hamburg expires unless, like with Roger Espinoza, he is let out of his contract to joining Kansas City early.

For me, I am still torn on this, I worry about some of the questions in van der Vaart's game that seem to go against the style of play that Vermes likes to use. On the other, if van der Vaart is still generating interest from teams in Spain, Italy, and Ajax, maybe Vermes can get something out of him.


Moop said...

1). Didn't van der Vaart get into some trouble for beating his wife?

2). I understand signing a "big name" European player to use as a publicity draw like Beckham and Henry did, but is there really a similar expectation as to what impact he would have on field?

3). Sporting didn't earn a reputation for being a tough team to play against and a title contender (and winner) by splashing cash on a bunch of big names. Why mess with that formula now?

4). Sporting has had two foreign DPs that amounted to very little. Do they really want to chance an even bigger letdown at that price tag?

5). I like the fact that Sporting isn't Seattle, New York, or any of the other teams shelling out tons of cash for "name" players and still being able to win the Cup. Is ownership really that worried or are they try to overcompensate to keep up with the Joneses?

Sorry, this just seems like a slap in the face to the rest of the roster. I really hope if this goes through that I am extremely wrong in my hesitation at thinking this a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the report is completely wrong. I don't know if this is a tactic from RVDV's camp to drive up his price, but it doesn't make sense. Sporting doesn't even want to pay a transfer fee for anyone. I doubt they would be so anti transfer fee if they were willing to shell out this type of cash. If they are going to pay 4.8mil I think they are going to go after someone younger who might even have USMNT ties.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with everyone. This does not make sense.

hartley said...

I agree with what everyone else has said.

And if SKC can pay RVDV that kind of money, why wouldn't they spend a little more money to keep Collin? Yeah, I know there were other issues with Collin, but the one most talked about was that he wanted a raise in pay.

Or why spend some money and bring in another very good center back? Backup center forward?

Anonymous said...

If I were Rob I would be playing hard ball. Offer him a fair deal. 2 million a year(tops starting lower with incentives). Fresh start is a cure for what ails him- he will get privacy and a favorable euro to us dollar transfer rate. Even if he says no - this publicized negotiation legitimizes SKC as a destination for lesser known players...hungry younger players.
No pub is bad pub.

Anonymous said...

This sounds false. 4.8 makes no sense.
Maybe if he was younger or had a bigger name.

Anonymous said...

2 million sounds more like it ^

Anonymous said...

RH debunked the article, saying they are in talks with him but haven't even mentioned salary yet.

seems to me, the only reason to bring in RVDV is if you think he could be the last piece to win you the cup. you try to keep him healthy by limiting his exposure to turf, roadtrips and midweeks, you have your training staff working on him constantly and you try to have him as close to 100% as you can when the playoffs start.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen in preseason it looks like PV is going away from a D-mid and moving toward a deep lying play-maker. Seems that he wants Benny there, Roger playing box-to-box, and possibly RVDV as the attacker/creator at the top of that triangle. I'm happy that the number in the article has been debunked. I'm not high on this whole thing. I think the money could be much better spent elsewhere. Can you imagine who else you could get for that much cash???