Sunday, December 17, 2006

2006 average attendance

So, recently I went through all the games played this season that are up on MLS' website. I took the attendance for each game and came up with the average for each team this season as well as the average league attendance. These results, though, are not complete, as MLS' website is missing the attendance for 4 matches this season. Houston's game against Chicago on May 20th, Real Salt Lake at LA July 8th, and Chivas USA at Dallas August 16th. Not counting those 4 games, there were 189 games played this season. The league average attendance this season was 15,518. Which is an increase over last years number of 15,108. More info can be found here, although it appears he's found the elusive 3 games I was missing to complete the season. His numbers knock the season average down 16 people to 15502. This number also is higher then the average attendance for MLS history, which according to Kenn's site 15,058. The median attendance this past season was 14,175. Again higher then the median attendance average in MLS history which is 13,289.

Here is the list of teams in the order of average attendance, again these numbers are minus the games I am missing attendance figures for above.
  1. LA - 21109
  2. Chivas - 19839
  3. Houston - 19147
  4. DC - 18152
  5. RSL - 16365
  6. Dallas - 15299
  7. New York - 14569
  8. Chicago - 14088
  9. Columbus - 13293
  10. Colorado - 12055
  11. New England - 11785
  12. KC - 11082
So there are your average attendance numbers for each MLS team this past season.

This did get me thinking though looking through the attendance figures, New York had attendance's of 35793 and 52425, their next highest attendance number was 19780. The first two were a special event concert on open day, the second was a double header with Ecuador and Colombia. Without those 2 matches, that knocks NY's attendance all the way down to 10349, which would have had them at last place in all of MLS. I give the benefit of the doubt on the first game of the season, even though it was affliated with a concert and other events on that day. What I decided to do, was to see where the average attendance for teams were minus the big special event games, ie, double headers.

There were 4 double headers this past season, New England at Chivas USA which drew 92650 in a double header that invovled Chivas Guadalajara vs. Barcalona. The second double header, was LA at Houston which along with Barcalona vs. America drew 70550. The third match, was the afformentioned Ecuador-Colombia match which was played in conjuction with FC Dallas at New York. The final double header, was Chivas USA at Colorado combined with San Luis vs. Club America which drew 28215.

What does dropping these 4 double headers do to team and league average?

From 15518 that I got for the 189 games I found, the loss of the 4 double headers would drop the league average nearly 1000 fans, to 14536.

What about the teams?
  1. LA - 21109
  2. DC - 18152
  3. RSL - 16365
  4. Houston - 15476
  5. Dallas - 15299
  6. Chivas - 14985
  7. Chicago - 14088
  8. Columbus - 13293
  9. New York - 12045
  10. New England - 11785
  11. KC - 11082
  12. Colorado - 10978
Changes: Chivas is the biggest loser, losing almost 5000 fans, and falling from second to 6th. Houston loses 3600, but only falls from third to fourth. New York falls to 9th losing just over 2500 fans. And Colorada falls into 12th losing 1077 fans off their average.

Just some interesting stats for you on the season.

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Anonymous said...

These attendance figures are great. You should do it every season. Compare with the 1st divisions ( not prem or seie A mind you )around the world and there are similarities. The FA Championship League, Bundesliga 2, Ligue 2, Tons to be proud of MLS. Everyone who sighs at 15,000 reciepts for their side needs to look at that in perspective. The league is now 12yrs. old. That's it, be patient. Any league around the world which is this young i guarantee did not have these attendance figures.