Thursday, October 26, 2006

starting over

So I'm starting over with this whole Soccer blog thing. Last time I kinda trailed off and got away from it and more towards my myspace blog. Well now I'm gonna try and seperate the 2, making this my more soccer specific blog. So let's get started...

Tonight I am gonna touch on the Wizards end of season awards.

Here is the link to the Wizards site that gives the awards.

MVP: Jose Burciaga Jr. - No real surprise here, Jose was second on the team in goals with 8, and tied for first on assists(8) with Sasha Victorine. While Jose's defensive capabilities are called into question many a times, you can not deny the affect that he had with the team this year. You can't really look at any of the other players on the Wizards roster and say that they were more important then Jose. The only one that even comes close in my opinion is Nick Garcia, but you can't pick him over Jose, especially with his offensive output this season, that brought on 4 game winning goals, while no other Wizard had more then 1 this season.

Golden Boot: Scott Sealy - 10 goals in league play, for Scott Sealy, 1 more then his total last season in league gets him this award. Scott actually scored 11 goals this season, as he also had the game winner in the USOC match against the Des Moines Menace.

Defender of the Year: Nick Garcia - For the second year in a row, Nick takes home the teams defender of the year. Also for the second year in a row, he's overlooked for the league defender of the year while teammates of his are nominated for the award. Last year while Nick won team defender of the year, Jimmy Conrad won league defender of the year. This year, Nick again won the award while Jimmy and Jose were both nominated for the league award. Has Nick's early reputation as a bit of a hack and physical defender blackballed him from this by coaches and GMs in the league? Overall in my opinion, Nick is one of, if not the best man marking defenders in the league, if not for his size, he'd be a national team central defender.

Humanitarian of the Year: Bo Oshoniyi - Bo knows being a Humanitarian. Bo supported Breast Cancer research by wearing a pink goalie jersey that was then auctioned off to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Greater Kansas City Affiliate. You can never fault a man for wanting to help raise awareness on a cause like this, even if it does involve the guy wearing pink.

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